Sandra Pfaffinger - certified dog trainer


The 1.5-year-old ISO-certified training took place in Germany with Clarissa von Reinhardt (Animal Learn) and had the following contents:


Basics in animal psychology, ethology of dogs & puppies, veterinary medicine, expressive behavior, aggression, social behavior, separation anxiety, hunting behavior, livestock guardian dogs, supplies for dogs and Bachflower therapy, Tellington touch, training of guard and hunting dogs, proper handling of dogs and owners, training approaches and methods, dominance and hierarchy as well as case studies.


To learn about the latest findings in the field of kinology, I regularly attend training seminars.


Training Courses:

12-14.11.2015 - International Symposium for dogs in Germany

Speakers: Anders Hallgren, Sunny Benett, Bettina Specht, Jacqueline Löhr, Dr. Brigitte Glöwing, Nora Fluckinger, Clarissa von Reinhardt


05/06/2014 - Speech "Dominate or communicate? - Why dogs bite their owners"

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Urs Lüscher, Barry Foundation Switzerland


05/06/2014 - Speech „Welfare-relevant aspects in the training of dogs in television - imitation not recommended"

Speaker: Dr. Angela Bartels, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich


31.05-01.06.2014 - Workshop „Dog training business"

Speaker: Bettina Specht (dog trainer)


19/11/2013 - Workshop "cancer in dogs and cats"

Speaker: Dr. VET Astrid Kuhn


10/25/2013 - Workshop "poisoning in dogs and cats“

Speaker: Dr. VET Astrid Kuhn


15/10/2013 - Workshop "Aggressive dog - what now?“

Speaker: Dr. VET Sabine Schroll


06.25.2013 - Workshop "The unwanted hunting behavior"

Speaker: Sabine Neumann (dog trainer and textbook author)


07.04.2013 - Workshop „Owning many dogs"

Speaker: Clarissa von Reinhardt (dog trainer and textbook author)


06.04.2013 - Workshop „Leash aggression"

Speaker: Clarissa von Reinhardt (dog trainer and textbook author)


09.-02.10.2013 - 1. Dogs Congress in Austria

Speakers: Iris Schöberl, Inga Böhm, Sabine Neumann, Gerd Köhler, Dorothee Schneider and Mirijam Cordt


16.-18.11.2012 - International Symposium for dogs in Germany

Speakers: Elisabeth Beck, Clarissa von Reinhardt, Dr. Michael Lehner, Sabine Harrer, Stefanie Kohl, Mary Hense, Martina Scholz and Sabine Neumann


My dogs and me:

I am supported by my Galgo mix Bobby, my terrier mix Flohtschi, my herding mix Lilli, my shepard mix Flip, my teckel FavoRITA as well as my cats Tom and Miss Moneypenny. They teach me not only a lot about animal behavior but also confirm each and every day that positive reinforcement in animal training works very good and is the only way to a successful and harmonious coexistence.