Welcome to Natürlich mit Hund


For me dog training aims towards a harmonious and satisfying coextistence between the dog owner and his dog(s). This also means that despite some rules (coming when called etc.) there is a certain amount of freedom for your dog (eg. off leash running).


This aim is also reflected in the name of my dog school as "Natürlich mit Hund" means "Life and work with your partner dog in a natural way".


Successful dog training is based on knowledge about the species dog, respect, fairness and trust. This also means that violence has no place in professional dog training. 


This ensures that unwanted behaviour is changed sustainably instead of surpressing unwanted symptoms. 

And believe me...training is much more fun for the both of you. 


Violence begins where knowledge ends...

This knowledge I will pass on to you so you can handle your dog easily - anytime. 


Sandra Pfaffinger


Snagov, Romania

00 40 (729) 982 574